Work-related stress and economic burden

Work-related stress Work-related stress is one of the huge health and safety challenges faced in

Creation of Sustainable Economy

  Mental health problems and stress is a taboo almost everywhere. The social stigma which

The Causes of Stress

Long time no see! As promised, we will talk about the causes of stress this

Stress and Its Symptoms

We generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything seems to have become

60 seconds for know about benefits of mindfulness :

As we learn about what is mindfulness last week, we will now learn about what

What does mindfulness really mean?

This word is used more and more, but as the danish concept ‘Hygge’, many still

60 second for learning how to improve the environment of your office!

Some 45% of workers complained that they have a stressful journey to the office,  according

How governments are taking into account the Happiness?

    We all want to attain happiness as a personal goal, and each of

Wellbeing in the Forest

Nature has always been recognised as having a positive impact on our health. Yet in

Are You Happy or Intelligent?

  “Don’t worry, be happy” Bobby McFerrin While McFerrin’s advice sounds encouraging and plausible, recent

5 Fitness and Health Apps That Work

It is the time of new year resolutions and for the next few months fitness

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

  The magical holiday time with family gatherings and presents, as you remember it from

The Bright Side of Stress

  Modern times are fast-paced and run on pressure, tension and anxiety. No one argues

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