About us

SUMONDO stands for “Sundheds” and “MONDO” which is “Health World” in English. A digital healthcare company working on innovative digital healthcare solutions combining vital signs, bio-analytics and machine learnings(ML) and AI algorithms.

Sumondo’s mission is to help people around the world to monitor and relieve their day-to-day stress in order to make their lives healthy and more productive.

Our Story

We want to contribute directly to a ‘healthy world’ (sundhedmondo ). We started from a personal journey of trying through various standard medical procedures to treat a heart condition and ended discovering the importance of HRV (heart rate variability) especially in stress diagnose & care.

Our Mission

Be aware! Act preventive !

We want to help people around the world to monitor and relieve their day-to-day stress in order to make their lives healthier and more productive both at work and at home.

Our team

Vishal sisodia


Vishal has worked on glucose monitoring App and blood pressure monitoring solution using smart phone. He has a unique combination of business, high-tech knowledge and entrepreneurship experience. Vishal has background in software engineering and embedded systems at Hughes Software Systems, India, Nokia (India), Intel (Denmark) and Cisco (Denmark). Vishal has done Engineering (Electronics & Communication) from India, Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship (online) from Duke University, USA, Competing on Service as a Medical Device Company from Denmark Technical University (DTU) and Technology Entrepreneurship (Online) from Stanford University, USA.

Ivan Häuser

Vice President – Sales & business development

Ivan Häuser is an experienced international project manager. He has managed large EU projects in Kazakhstan (2000-2002, about the country’s Diplomatic Academy) with partners from Spain and the Netherlands, Russia (2004, about cross-border co-operation) and Albania (1999, about telecommunication), and recently participated in the FINODEX project (2016-18) about entrepreneurship and InLearning in adult education. At present, he is co-manager of a lighthouse project in Denmark about advanced wastewater treatment, funded by the Danish Ministry of the Environment. He is an experienced leader and consultant within the area of organizational development. For 8 years he was the leader of the Centre for Teachers in Adult Education in Aarhus, Denmark and built up expertise in teaching and learning technology and communication.

Kathrine Skak-Madsen

Brain researcher

Kathrine Skak Madsen, Senior Associate professor (Docent), Department of Technology, University College Copenhagen and Senior researcher, Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR).
Her research focus on individual differences in human brain and behavioral development, and on how environmental (e.g. stress, physical activity, alcohol use), genetic and hormonal (e.g. cortisol, sex hormones) factors modulate such development. She studies this by employing multimodal neuroimaging techniques, behavioral and clinical assessments, and hormonal sampling.

Board members

Jørgen Folkersen

Dr. medicine

Jørgen Folkersen, MD. Dr. Sci (med). He is an expert in clinical strategy development, market access and health technology assessment and value optimization of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. He has expertise in clinical trial design, and evidence-based medicine. He is an author or co-author of 50 peer review scientific articles and 11 HTA-publications from a diversity of clinical areas. He has spent 8 years with basic research within immunology and medical biochemistry, 8 years with the industrial development of medical devices and diagnostics, 4 years with HTA in the public sector (Health technology assessment) and 9 years in the pharmaceutical industry followed by 9 years as independent medical-scientific and commercial consultant to the pharma-industry. He has experience from all parts of the pharmaceutical life cycle, from discovery and development to clinical trials, market access and marketing and sale. Main clinical areas: Mental health, endocrinology, immunology and analytical methods.

Bo Netterstrom

Medical profesional

Bo Netterstrøm, chief physician, Dr. med., Senior Researcher
Dealing with stress treatment programmes i.e. CopeStress (latest publication BioMedResInt 2015) and stress research. Six books on stress. Latest ” Stress og Arbejde” Og ” Kort og Godt om Stress” med Yun Ladegaard og Pernille Rasmussen 2014.Publications on epidemiology in occupational health and psychosocial work environment MD 1975, Ph.D. 1983 Dr. Medical Science University of Copenhagen 1993 in Medicine.


Medical Profesinal

Søren has 20+ experience in clinical practice as medical specialist doctor. He has passion for strategic business planning, health-tech innovation, and digital transformation within the health care industry. Extensive knowledge and international leadership experience in Medical Assistance and Health Insurance operations. A global commercial mindset with a long track record in presentations supporting sales and marketing.

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