This word is used more and more, but as the danish concept ‘Hygge’, many still don’t know what exactly is it.

Mindfulness in its essence means awareness of the now, being fully absorbed in the moment. The present moment is the only time we are alive in.

It  is the result of the natural evolution of our brains that the mind is all over the place! Often worrying and spending more on the negative. That secured our survival in the past. Now, these mechanisms lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and even depression.

But monkey mind can be tamed!

Is it the observation and notice your thoughts, feelings, people and environments as merely what they are. Without judging them or reacting to them. Not thinking about reminiscing of the past or the future. Let focus of thoughts as they are: just your thoughts and be minded that they are not the objective truth. We have no or limited power over outside circumstances or other people, but we have full control over our mind and our attitude towards those.


Next week will discuss about the benefits of mindfulness and the difference with meditation.