It is the time of new year resolutions and for the next few months fitness centers will effortlessly attract more customers than usual.

Such behavior is not surprising in any way – a fresh start is inspiring and motivating, but how often do we fall back to our old ways before March even comes? Only the most dedicated ones will actually savor the fruits of their effort. Fortunately, rapidly developing technology provides the rest of us with a number of valuable tools to increase the likelihood of our success in achieving goals. We have selected 5 highly advanced solutions that will help you to perform your best and, most importantly, to keep your motivation up.

1. Endomondo
For everyone who is determined to become more physically active this year, here is an app for any distance-based sport you can imagine – let it be running, cycling or even kayaking. This personal trainer doesn’t need a long introduction, as it has been one of the most popular fitness apps for several years. Endomondo allows you to track, record, get feedback, analyze, and share results with your friends. In addition, it is possible to sync the app with other fitness tracking devices, such as Garmin Connect or similar. Let’s get moving! More.
2.Yoga Studio

Not all of us enjoy running or cycling, but rather revel in calm and relaxing ways of exercising. Yoga Studio app is highly useful for yoga beginners as it offers video classes, and what can be more important than starting out right. Moreover, it caters for advanced practitioners too with the possibility to personalise yoga classes using the library of 1 700 yoga video clips. Added the Smart-link function, which allows to create a natural flow between selected poses, anyone can enjoy a personalized guided yoga training and improved health. More.

3.Stress Graph

One of the greatest motivation thieves is stress, not to mention its negative effects on health. Most of us have experienced stress at least once and are aware of the time and effort it takes to get back on track. SressGraph app was created to help people with their day-to-day stress, and most importantly, to stop it before it develops into a chronic disease. The app works with Bluetooth based chest strap (HR sensor) and allows real-time stress monitoring, as well as stress tracking over long periods of time. Interestingly enough, stress monitoring is also advised for hard working athletes to prevent over-training and fatigue.  More.

4. Sleep Cycle
Sleep is crucial in stress management, and even more crucial if aiming for the highest productivity levels. Sleep Cycle is an app that measures your sleep cycle by tracking movements in bed. Since certain body movements are inherent in certain sleep phases, the app is able to track sleep cycles. By tracking them it has the possibility to wake you up at the lightest sleep phase, which means easy and refreshing start of the day. It is highly recommended for Night Owls who still have to show up for work every morning. More.

5. MyFitnessPal

One more great app by Endomondo team for everyone who wants to get better at counting calories, and even for those who do not. MyFitnessPal offers a huge food product database which allows you to log your meals in seconds. Plus, the more you use the app, the quicker it gets to find your favorite foods, as the app records your dieting habits. One of the greatest features is the nutritional information provided for each of the products and even whole meals. This way, it is not just about losing weight, it is about eating healthy. More.

In the end, staying fit and healthy is a rather individual experience and fitness and health tools work best if chosen according to individual needs. If you have not found the right ones yet, it is time to try out something new and make 2016 really count.
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